Haiti Assessment

21:15 Sep 22 2017 Port-au-Prince, Haiti


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Hello everyone! Recently I have been dealing with a lot of hardships. Friends and doctors keep telling me I should consider taking meds, so I may as well here and see how it goes. Problem is, I haven't taken it for a while, and don't wanna get back to it, we'll see how it goes.
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Oh Heavens. I don't know what to do as I have Lots of work to do next week semester. Plus the university exams are close, it will be a hell. I am already panicking maybe I should click here to calm down a little bit. Hopefully it will all go well. Wish me luck.
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Oh Lord. I don't know what to do as I have Lots of work to do next week summer. Plus the university exams are close, it will be a stretch. I am already being anxious maybe I should ankor to calm down a little bit. Hopefully it will all go well. Wish me luck.
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Поехали в отпуск, и захворал ребенок, а денег мало. Просто оформили ссуду онлайн, на пластик пришли денюжка моментально. Отдали через недельку уже дома. Никаких справок или поручителей. Необходим только телефончик и кредитка с которой можно забрать всю ссуду через несколько минут после одобрения заявки. Выручали такие живые наличные и родственников, когда сыну нужно было немедленно оплатить сессию. Никому не надо толковать, унижаться и выпрашивать. Лично выбираешь необходимую сумму и время возврата. Рекомендую всем, кто оказался в непростой ситуации.
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Oh Lord. I don't know what to do as I have a lot of of work to do next week semester. Plus the university exams are close, it will be a torture. I am already panicking maybe I should here to calm down a little bit. Hopefully it will all go well. Wish me luck.
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My friend and I went camping the other day. It was a horrible experience, as he wouldn't let me sleep all night. He kept talking about random stuff and cried about his anxiety. I totally told him to interaction and deal with it.
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My friend and I went camping the other day. It was a very bad experience, as he wouldn't let me sleep all night. He kept talking about random stories and whined about his wakefulness. I totally told him to Contact and deal with it.
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