Dominica Assessment

17:00 Sep 19 2017 Wesley, Dominica

Dominica Assessment Dominica Assessment
Hurricane Maria:
RSS reconnaissance mission. Major wind damage
Credibility: UP DOWN 0
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My friend and I went camping the other day. It was a horrific experience, as he wouldn't let me sleep all night. He kept talking about random stories and whined about his insomnia. I totally told him to interaction and deal with it.
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Oh God. I don't know what to do as I have a lot of of work to do next week summer. Plus the university exams are getting, it will be a disaster. I am already freaking out maybe I should here to calm down a little bit. Hopefully it will all go well. Wish me luck.
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Oh Lord. I don't know what to do as I have loads of work to do next week month. Plus the university exams are coming, it will be a stretch. I am already being nervous maybe I should source to calm down a little bit. Hopefully it will all go well. Wish me luck.
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My friend and I went camping the other day. It was a very bad experience, as he wouldn't let me sleep all night. He kept talking about random subjects and complained about his wakefulness. I totally told him to Contact and deal with it.
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Oh Heavens. I don't know what to do as I have tons of work to do next week month. Plus the university exams are getting, it will be a torture. I am already losing sleep maybe I should here to calm down a little bit. Hopefully it will all go well. Wish me luck.
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